The first 15+ years of my career were dedicated to orchestral flute playing. Cool, right?! As an artist, I approach challenges from a unique perspective, crafting inspired and collaborative solutions – turning “problems” into portals for growth.
In 2012, I entered the world of music business, where I blended my musical background with business development and leadership. I learned quickly that leadership is not for the faint of heart. My early years consisted of much trial and error, hard lessons learned (often more than once), frustrations, and what at the time seemed like failures. Along the way, it became clear that I needed to better understand myself in order to understand, foster, and effectively lead other people.
Thus began a journey to know myself on a deeper level, to make empowered choices that align with the life I desire, and to lean into my leadership fully and authentically. In 2018, I graduated from Accomplishment Coaching’s Leadership and Coaches Training Program. Throughout that course, I thought, THIS is the stuff they should be teaching us in school! I began to see and understand how I was showing up in certain environments and situations - and why. Most importantly, I could see how it was impacting my relationships, life experiences, and results. 

Spoiler alert –
I didn’t start my career in coaching and leadership.

Most leaders don’t.

Hi, I'm sarah hollandsworth,
Founder & CEO


Now, I stand for the growth and expansion of my clients. This practice is a platform in service of a more whole, balanced society. When people are clear on who they are at their essence and what their purpose is, and they choose, live, work, and create from that place, the impact is huge – for individuals and for the world.

This marks my 7th year in practice, and I’m an active member of the International Coaching Federation. I continue to work with my own coach, upholding my commitment to my transformational journey. Every day, I’m doing the work that I challenge my clients to do.

Music is still an integral part of my life because of its power to connect people. I love to explore the world and find that travel offers direct access to expansion, clarity, and joy. My home is Charlotte, NC, with my husband and our sweet, spunky pug, Lola. 
Welcome to this work. I look forward to co-creating transformation with you.

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A consultant is an expert in a certain field and is hired to give recommendations as such. In a coaching relationship, we hold you to be the expert on your life. Your coach is not here to “fix” you or to tell you what to do. Instead, a good coach will offer reflections and ask questions to facilitate you reaching clarity on what is true for you.

How is coaching different from consulting?

Coaching is for any individual or organization looking to spark intentional change that will lead to their ultimate impact. Coaching is not a quick fix. Lasting transformation requires commitment and an investment of time, energy, and resources.

Who is coaching for?

We work in the field of Ontological Coaching. In short, ontology refers to our ways of being, or how we engage with, respond to, and show up in the world. The work we do looks at your internal world (thoughts, values, belief, feelings) and how it relates to your outer world (the life you live, your actions, behaviors, what you say). The work you do on the inside is reflected in the results you see on the outside.

What type of coaching do you practice?

The logistics: Executive coaching clients receive four 60-minute sessions per month. Sessions are held virtually via Zoom. Support is available between sessions as needed and at the discretion of the coach. Packages for corporate clients are tailored specifically to the needs of the organization and may include coaching and/or consulting services.

The magic: Clients should expect real, vulnerable, truth telling conversations. As we dive into your purpose, your essence (who you are at your core), and what you want in life and/or business, we’ll also shine a light on anything that is stopping you from achieving your full potential.

Through this work you will:
  • Identify limiting beliefs/patterns and make choices outside of what’s comfortable.
  • Develop and OWN your unique leadership style.
  • Discover your true desires and learn express them fully without fear.
  • Let go of avoidance and procrastination and just do the thing(s)!
  • Practice creating and fostering relationships from integrity, love, and respect.
  • Declare goals, meet milestones, and celebrate accomplishments.
  • Explore your relationship to self and what self-care really means for you.
  • Get comfortable setting boundaries in service of your commitments.
  • Strengthen your self-trust and learn to make confident and inspired decisions.

What should I expect as a coaching client?

Simply put, coaching is a supportive structure to identify and remove blind spots that are holding you back. Think of it as a mirror, a reflective space where you get to witness, speak to, and embody your authentic self and deepest desires. The coaching partnership provides access to resources, tools, skills, and accountability as you build a path to your desired goals.

What is coaching?


No. Therapy often addresses past traumas/experiences, emotional disorders, and psychological pain. Coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapeutic work. If you are currently experiencing a mental health crisis, please seek immediate mental health treatment.

Is coaching the same as therapy?