Illuminate your purpose. Move into your vision. 

Holding space for the space holders of the world. 

Coaching for individuals and organizations who want to spark intentional change that leads to their ultimate impact.




We partner with individuals, leaders, and organizations to get clear on who they want to be, how they want to show up, and what they want to create – in their lives, communities, and beyond.

Facilitating possibility, we empower clients to identify and remove barriers, while challenging them to go on a journey of expansion, discovery, and adventure with their true self. 

for individuals

for organizations

Coaching is an opportunity to put a spotlight on any area of life where there is a gap between where you are and where you desire to be. We work in the areas of: relationship, career, business, creative projects, leadership, spirituality, well-being, decision making, commitment, money, time, and more. If you were living a life fully of your own design, what would we see and how would you feel?

Go beyond the average leadership training and professional development plans. Accelerate business growth by offering transformation to your people. Foster resilience while increasing engagement and retention. When your people thrive, so does your bottom line. Consulting services also available in the areas of business development, sales effectiveness and strategy, leadership, and team building. 



dream big. Do Less. Feel More. Be Present.

What do you want to do less of? – That’s right, less! Busier is not always better. 

Believe in your full potential. We do! Be supported as you build a path toward the future you desire.
Busier is not always better. Get clear on your commitments and start taking action from intention. Lead from purpose and truth instead of limiting beliefs, fear, and conditioning.

Excitement, Joy, Love, Connection, Fulfillment. What do you want to feel more of? Let us remind you who you are and what you bring to the world.
In life, with others, at work, in relationship. Start showing up fully and authentically, the way you were always meant to.

Hi, I'm sarah hollandsworth

Spoiler alert – I didn’t start my career in coaching and leadership. Most leaders don’t. After 15 years of orchestral flute playing, I moved into music business. From there, came the opportunity to define my unique leadership, which led me to coaching. I graduated from Accomplishment Coaching’s Leadership and Coaches Training Program in 2018.
Now, I thrive when I support my clients to expand into a transformation they’ve yet to imagine. Because when leaders and organizations evolve from purpose, they create massive change for themselves, for others, and for the world.

ready for transformation?

I recently looked back at my notes from 2018 when I spent 6 months with Sarah as my coach. During that time, she was serving as a role model in business, taking my calls in San Francisco from Ann Arbor, even in the early dawn hours. I was astounded to see that 90% of my goals came true within 2 years, or a version of what I needed happened in my life. I couldn't have moved the needle in the direction of my purpose without Sarah. I am forever grateful for her guidance.

Amy, Ann Arbor, MI

don't just take our word for it

Sarah is an individual who prioritizes strategy and development, and on all levels, is one who can be trusted. Devoted to efficacy and growth, Sarah shares her wisdom by providing the necessary tools and resources needed to execute any plan. With a sharp mind and heart for humanity, Sarah is an expert at intelligently assessing any situation and providing a success map.

William U., San Francisco, CA

I have worked with Sarah for many years since my business was in its infancy. She has guided me to true success not just externally and with my business trajectory, but through my internal battles as well. I have seen extreme personal growth over the past years! She has been a truly treasured and trusted guide through family growth, ups and downs, relationship bumps, and helped me see what I am capable of in my life. She asks all the right questions to pull the answers that are deep inside that I could not have accessed without her. My dreams that I once held when we first started working together feel small in comparison to what she has shown me I am capable of now, all these years later. I would not be here without all the work we have done together.


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